Burwin vs essential

:stuck_out_tongue: You think if I go into a shop and mention i’m from LB I can push myself to the front of the queue? I guess they’ll feed me grapes and fan me with large leaves too :laugh:

^^^^^ Actually Paul Bowen at Hanger Lane HG probably would do that if your order was big enough! ;):stuck_out_tongue:


:laugh: tooooo funny!

Yeah I get the don’t get cheapest idea but tbh as everyone said. Not much difference between these 2. Plus Burwin is closer for me and on the way to work

Ah essential rubber, have annoyed me a few times so stopped going. Tyres that were ordered and then telephoned to confirm in stock. Turned up but the tyres weren’t there. The final straw was an MOT fail on my ex’s bike that were not MOT fails alleged warped discs, so not bothered since.

Yes it still pisses me off.

Went to Burwin at 8am

Saw me straight away. Really nice guys

Will be going there for MOT’s etc.