Burwin vs essential

As the title suggests.

Want to get some PR3’s and will go either of these 2. Anyone know who’s has the best price/service?


never dealt with Burwin, but essential have always been cheapest and good service for me.

Same here, Essential all the way (never been in other place and don’t want to). Check my thread about them as I’ve got PR3’s last week there.


Dunno about pr3s but got rear pilot power 2ct’s from Burwin. 120 squids fitted for 160/60.
Work fast, Good price IMO, no complains.

Love Mick and Colin at Essential, exceptional service and great price. 234 for pr3’s inc. fitting. Make sure you say you are LB for the 10% discount.

Been to both. Both great. I ride past Burwin on the way to work. My clutch cable snapped literally just outside there shop. They ordered one in for the next day had to leave the bike there. Very welcoming and helpful. I usually go to essential for tires but recently used FWR because they quoted me cheaper prices.

If I was you just give them both a call and ask how much, they all have good customer service in my eyes.

i used to use burwins (before i went to college) they didnt seem to have much interest in the quality of service they gave…
sometimes there in good moods and they will chat and make you feel welcome, sometimes they will be short and apbrupt and make (me) hasitate to return…

since going to college, iv only used essential or things i cant do at my mum (tyre changes) and pads when iv been lazy.s
but the level of service/customer service and general chat is excellent.

essential is still my ‘local’ even tho im a good 30-40miles away from them…

To be fair the only time I now need to go to a garage is for an MOT (which I went to essential last week) or tyre change. Which is both once a year so I end up going essential. I try to do most things myself.

If I had equipment to change my own tire I would do that too :smiley:

I would NEVER use FWR based on my one and only experience and with Essential’s LB discount they weren’t cheaper either.

I’ve used Burwin’s for years, used to be on my way to work. Now it’s 8 miles out of my way, but I’ll always take the bike there. Reasonable price and good service and no bullshit! The best mechanics in town, especially Brian!

At Essential, I found some of the guys patronising and unhelpful unless Mick was there. In any event, they are somewhere on the A13 now and finding them is hellish.

there never was an ‘LB’ discount…Mick is just a generous soul;)

mate i used to work with got his Bandit serviced at Burwin’s from new, he used it from tonbridge to london everyday, they ayways seemed to do a good job, not the cheapest but they done what needed doing and he was always happy with them.

  • 1 for my one and only experience of FWR, which was terrible…

and Essential are great…go for the tyres, MOT whatever and stay for the banter…a truly enjoyable experience :slight_smile:

Hate to disagree with you Russell, but there definitely is a 10% LB discount at Essential.

I must of been lucky for once then? But yes I agree essential rubber are great. I’ve always used them in the past apart from two occasions. One when my clutch cable snapped in front of Burwin and 2nd one was a few months back when I went to FWR instead.

PS: what’s the LB discount about!? Does every bike place accept it :smiley: I think I’ll start walking into places and mention im from LB haha.

Always worth asking! HG at Hanger Lane definitely offer it, think Gants Hill and Stockwell do too, but not 100% sure. And as already said, so do Essential.

will do :slight_smile: shouldn’t need to ask essential i’m on mates rates hehe

Went to both today.

Burwin came to 255 inc fit and they have them in stock
Essential came to 265 inc fit and had to order them

Will go Burwin.

Cheers all.

I know Burwins aint bad but don’t always go with cheapest, whats the point of cheaper fitting if the service is shite! or its not done properly…

Gants Hill don’t no.

they do good deals, but there’s no 10% LB discount.

seems like some think it does!? :w00t: