When showing off to your mates doing a burnout…always remember to keep you front brake frimly applied!!



Or worse still…post the wrong link! whoops :blush:

fair selection of Chanelle vids though :wink:

seen that burnout vid before.

bet he felt like a bit of a knob after

Anyone whatch the treadmill kittens??

That was so sweet.

is it wrong that i laughed at that?

Oh dear, I obviously have the same sense of humour as you Steve :hehe:

What an idiot :smiley: How very embarassing for him

How I would love one of the numpties down the Ace to do that one night I’d LMAO :smiley:

i wish it never happened to me…

lol like how the guy stood next to him didnt help lol

Probably too embarrassed to be associated with such a prime d*** head.

That and it would be a dead give away that he was killing himself trying not to laugh.