Bunny boilers

Is it me or am i the only bloke that attracts nutty women, as iv just finished with a right nutter. So i might just stay single now as iv had enough.

Just you

any details you want to share??

She told lots of lies and tried to kick my door down, and been done for D D but denise this. But the police rang me and told me she was twice over the limit ??

Is that why you have gates fitted now?

Iv got gun towers up as well now, id love to settle down but after this im in bits.

There are complete nutters out there all Right!!! Iv’e had my fair share of em!!! Scarey sh1t…

Don’t lose faith though… There are some right good un’s too…

Thanx Foxey il try

Hope the pain fades quickly Pete, and as Foxy says, there’s a lot of nutters out there, so don’t feel too singled out, you’re not alone.

Im a easy going guy and just want an easy life, i work hard and play easy so y do people behave like this. But i have to work with her which is not good, but not close.

I’m sorry to hear about it Mate. I’ve just broke up with my girlriend of 4 years so i do know a little of what you are going through Pete. Like Foxy said there must be some good single ones out there but not found one yet Take care mate well get drunk together one evening

Sadly no, it definitely ain’t just you…

definitely not just u…

the south american latino chica loca went nuts at me the other night… for no apparant reason…

it was like opening pandora’s box and waiting for the fires of hell to swallow you up! crazy crazy sh*t!

anyways… plenty of nutters… but sometimes, and only sometimes do they lead to VERY GOOD things!

hope u find someone soon…

Ok mate! I will help you then! here goes a little secret:


You better know your girls well before marry!

sorry I just couldnt resist! Hope you find peace soon

these things need to be caught on tape… hehe

Thats bad Man LOL

What’s wrong with that? That’s one of my party tricks…

What’s wrong with that? That’s one of my party tricks…

Don’t know what to say to that HAHA

This is why I’m single. Something,somewhere tells me theyre not all mad, not sure if its true though.

Thay aint all bad m8 although my last one was a right nutter, ended up fighting with all her family, including her !!! not good. Then i meet my wife what can i say… she is an angel i am a lucky man…