Bunked off work today.....

… I used to bunk off only in the warmer months but the ZZR is singing, the forecast was dry so I decided to go have and have a play out in Essex. The roads were (in the most) amazingly dry, and found some great roads and roundabouts between Chelmsford and the A120. Only one plod car seen in the last 6 hours (hope I didn’t miss any!).

I’m not jealous at all … honest guv!

I would like to say I hate you…

But fair play to ya mate I am just jealous, will try and have a run out tonight.

Nice one Phil, I just hope your boss doesn’t read LB!

I have to agree with SP! It’s just too cold!!! I take my helmet off for you!

Take it easy out there, I have been out the last 2 days and it is not a lot of fun - the new salt might not attack bikes quite so badly but it is slippery as anything. I got a massive spin and shot a foot sideways just moving away from traffic lights when I hit a draincover. Got off after a 30 mile run and found the tyres were barely warm at all and scarily slippery with the white ****e . . .

I have to agree, very slippery in places, but most of the roads were as dry as you like. There is something fun about riding in testing conditions… isn’t there?

PS Heated jacket liner was on full!