Bullit Motorcycles in the UK

Anyone into modern retros? Heard of Bullit Motorcycles? I hadn’t until recently. Here’s some of their bikes spreading further around the UK. They look like a pretty cool option to me for people just starting out in biking looking to get into retro biking:

PR piece:

Bullit Motorcycles has continued its expansion in the UK, appointing Suffolk-based Fastec Racing as its latest dealership. Since launching in the UK in 2015, the classic and custom styles Bullit offer have proven incredibly popular with British riders, with Fastec the 35th dealer in UK. The continued expansion of the network comes ahead of the launch of a new 250cc version of the popular Hero machine, which will be officially unveiled later in the year.

Fans of custom motorcycles or racing will need no introduction to Fastec Racing, with the company forming in 2010 having grown out of Fastec Engineering; a precision engineering company specialising in CNC machining. Renowned for designing and manufacturing high-quality parts for almost every make and model of machine, Fastec Racing products are used by top race teams, custom bike builders and even normal road riders.

With a popular online shop offering clothing, helmets, bolt-on accessories and custom parts, Fastec are expanding further by opening a motorcycle showroom, with Bullit Motorcycles their first manufacturer. This will be the 35th dealer in the UK for Bullit, cementing the popularity of the three 125cc models currently on the market; the Hero, Spirit and Hunt. The growth of its dealer network comes ahead of a brand new Bullit machine being launched later in the year; a 250cc version of the popular Hero model. Alongside increasing its dealer network, this summer Bullit has been working closely with journalists and at events such as The Bike Shed’s Cafe Racer Cup to bring its range of machines to a new audience.

To celebrate the new partnership Fastec Racing will be using their experience and expertise to produce a special one-off custom Bullit Hero, which will be unveiled later this year.

Speaking about the appointment, Henry Maplethorpe Bullit UK Brand Manager said, “We’re very pleased to be welcoming Fastec Racing to our dealer network. We’ve seen first-hand their enthusiasm alongside the stunning machines they build themselves so this feels like a natural fit for both brands. The addition of Fastec also places us in a stronger position ahead of the launch of the 250cc Hero, a machine many people have asked us to build!”

Danny Starmer, M.D. of Fastec Racing added, “When looking into opening our showroom, we thought long and hard about the brands we wanted to work with. The fact that Bullit were considering other models & engine sizes to add to their brand, meant we knew that they were in it for the long haul and could utilise our machining experience too. There are many ideas in place and designing has begun on the Special and we can’t wait for the unveil”

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Looks a lot like a rebadged Herald.

Cheapo Chinese bike in a hipster party frock?

Ha! Very true…

Hipper than a woodman’s beard,lumberjack shirt and brown brogues combo!

But they look good and so much better than the endless, soulless Honda CB125 clones that China pumps out by the shipload!

Depends on what the build quality is like. But if you want something for commuting around London they don’t seem like a bad option.

This Bullitt is a British classic inspired design combined with modern technology, a bit like Triumph’s made in Thailand Bonnevilles. Its neither a Triumph nor a Royal Enfield but a circa £2,000 made in China mo’cycle that comes with a two year warranty, whatever that’s worth. These Chinese manufacturers have long been catching up and if I was still commuting in London I may well have considered one as a a cheap as chips commuter.