Bullet: dodged


The second generation Tuono has a weakness where the weatherproofing in the suspension dogbones isn’t good, the bearings rust and then the dogbone snaps, dumping the rear tyre into the seat unit.
I got a new abba stand so did my bearings last week. Think I just about caught them in time.


I know the Speed Triple has a similar thing too when the rear hub on the single swing arm can seize if not regularly monitored.


Rear hub of the vfr 800 was in much the same condition when I got it. Changed those out too.


Bloody hell. Was this the bike you were trying to sell me yesterday? :slight_smile:


well done for spotting that.


I try to sell it to everyone.
Even tried to sell it back to the last owner yesterday!


Sorry to be a bit dim, but are those rods the bearings (as I always thought bearings were ball-shaped)?


Depends on the type of bearing, there’s roller, cone or ball. Different ones are better for different things.


They are Roller bearings


Thank you - every day’s a school day!


roller or needle bearings
depends on who you ask