Who’s up for the Bulldog Bash 2010?

I’ve never been but I’m considering to go and see something different!:wink:

you will def see that miggy:w00t:

I’m not going;)

i went in 2006 it was brill. not going this year though

Well it looks like i’ll have to take the wellie boots too!!:stuck_out_tongue:

I went in about 1996 or maybe earlier or later, its hard to remember. It was quite good, camped there and because it was one of the first rallies I ever attended my friends spent the entire evening pulling down my tent around my ears, that is what you get for being a rally virgin.

Was a good night, live music, loads of bikes and bike related crap to see. I generally had fun.

Doubt I am going this year.

i’m still a virgin on this then!!:smiley:

The bash aint what it used to be, its getting too strict there.

Still worth a crack though but i never got to go this year cause of work