This morning, whilst getting the bike out at the ungodly hours my employers make me work, I managed to hit the wall that encloses my front garden with the exhaust of my SV…the bloody wall’s only been there since 1901, you would think that I’d know it’s there wouldn’t you? But that wasn’t the end of my trials…oh no, you see as it was dark, and as the bike needed petrol to get me to work I thought I would inspect the damage at the garage. it’s about a mile and a half from my house to the garage… fill up the bike, go and pay, come out again, look at the damage - not too bad, a couple of scratches to the exhaust and a bit of pink paint from the wall (don’t ask…just don’t) if I just rub it off it’ll be fine…

Exhausts are rather hot, aren’t they?

Oh well, at least if I turn to a life of crime I’ll be alright, as I don’t think the fingers on my right hand have any fingerprints on them anymore, all burnt off by the exhaust. :slight_smile:

I’ve burned myself on the exhaust loads of times too. I’m sure you’ll use a cloth next time!
But the most important thing for you to do, is paint that wall! :slight_smile:


Almost as bad as me taking the bike out the garage the other week as normal. Walking the bike up the drive, holding the bike on the left hand side, and then the bike just toppled over, and that was not the worst thing. As I dropped the bike, it also hot one of the cars on the drive, and damaged the car.

However, the bike was unharmed… and that was the start of the day!

:laugh::laugh: Sorry I will stop laughing in a minute. We have all had day’s like that, It’s just so funny when it happens to someone else ,sorry about your fingers though :laugh: No must stop laughing:cool:

didnt you learn after the first time!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Your story did make me chuckle. If it helps, I know someone who burned their face on their exhaust as they leaned to pick-up their dropped keys. (No, it wasn’t me!) :smiley:

Oops nasty I bet that hurt. It may be little consolation to those that get hurt but as a new biker I am learning from these posts. Keep away from hot exhausts :smiley:

still got scar on my leg from Suzukiangels SV.

Rode her bike up the path and into my front garden as its a bit tricky. Like a gentleman, but before the words… “becarefull of the exhaust” could leave her lips my leg was branded to her link pipe!!! doh!!!

When I first had my old yam sr125 it had been stood for a while and the carbs were manky, which meant I had to run it with the choke on… one day I was having a look at it after being out for a run and noticed the chrome pipe which led to the exhaust was slightly tarnished where it left the engine block, so I thought I’d give it a bit of a rub with my fingers.


2 HUGE blisters on my fingers, and to this day they’re a bit numb where they were burnt, must have really killed off the nerve endings :crazy:

Didn’t make that mistake again !

PINK? please tell! :wink:

I said don’t ask… my house is pink - nothing to do with me you understand, it was painted pink by the previous occupants and I haven’t had time to paint it a more neutral colour

Sounds like something out of ‘Balamory’ - hope you’re not PC Plum ! :stuck_out_tongue:

at least PC Plum lives in a white house…and he’s shagging Miss hoolie isn’t he…:slight_smile: