This morning comming up blackfriars/farringdon road, I see a BTP(british transport police) van waiting to pull out into my lane, I’m going along nothing in front of me and I know the driver saw me but she still pulled out on me and I had to hammer the breaks or would have gone into the back of the van.

pulled up next to her at a set of light, she was to interested in making sure the car following had made it out as well to even notice I was there!!!

Thanks very much for the examples you set to the other road users!

I’ve only been riding a year but have learnt that you have to assume all other drivers, even other bikers, will pull out on you . . . even the plod, ambulances etc, they will all do it, some will even do it on ourpose. Just get used to it and adjust your speed and position so you can avoid them.

It must be the Monday for stuff happening on the roads today… keep safe out there kiddywinks :slight_smile:

I had a cyclist slap into my bike this morning… I don’t really know what happened… either he just rode into me, or his panniers got caught on my indicator just as he was trying to squeeze past, but I didn’t realise till I started pulling off…with him going ‘woah woah’ and my bike going sideways…lol…he looked petrified, he appologised straight away, poor bloke, lol! :laugh:

so no consideration to slow down and let them pull out then ?

thank you for the example you set to other road users



You can’t always let people out, screws up traffic flow and anoys everybody :wink:


I had a madman this morning, who decided to drive up the inside of me by using the empty parking bays by Brockwell park. It was only when he realised he was running out of road that he pulled back behind me. All this happened while in a steady flow of traffic doing 25-30mph. I gave him some choice hand signals.

My right of way I did not have to slow down and let her out…

quote the wrong one.This is the one I meant to say.My right of way I did not have to slow or let anyone out…

where does it tell us that in the highway code then?.
-just because the rider saw the police officer see him from her mirror, still doesn’t determine for sure what her next intention is!.

oh no clearly you misread or I did not explain properly,

she was not changing lane, she was coming from a side road right across my path… if it was a lane changing issue it would not bother me this happens all the time…

I was behind a BTP bike cop this morning at trafalgar sq, lights went green & he was sat behind a transit that didnt move so he just started revving the bike ha ha - made me smile! :smiley:

If you stop a flow of traffic just to let somebody out of a turning it screws everybody up . . . far better for that person to wait for a suitable gap. Or is there not a high chance of gore and blood in that ? :wink:

not saying the BTP offcer was right to pull out

you didnt have to slow down or let anyone out but you could have! :slight_smile:

The point here, is she should not have pulled out, note I had to slam on the breaks, which means I did not have time to slow and let her out anyway without hitting the breaks hard.

i’ll often let people out of side roads if i can do so by just moderating my speed and if it’s safe BUT not if i have to slam my brakes on.

was told by instructor’s though when taking my tests not to let anybody out of sideroads, it’s for THEM to wait for a big enough gap.

driving in such a manner to cause other roads users to take avoiding action is driving danerously !

Spot on, in my book. What gives me the right to hold up the traffic if I decide to stop and let someone pull into a major road from a minor one in front of me?Whose fault would it be if I got rear-ended :wink: because I’d stopped to let someone go before me when I have the right of way? MINE.



And an instant fail on your test :wink: