bsb oulton park this weekend

With rockerchic’s bike off the road, she was depending on me getting my bike finished for her trip to oulton,but it’s not going to happen.
So i dont know if anyone can help but her options are :

  1. Borrow a bike
  2. hire a bike
  3. Get someone with spare vehicle space to take up the camping gear for her and georgeyboy
    then she goes pillion with him, but theres no way they can get both of them and the camping gear on the bike.

I feel a bit guilty cos now there is her bandit with a donor engine sitting in the yard ,fishfaces zzr awaiting engine repairs not to mention the shattered clutch master cylinder housing on the zephyr…none of which are problems i can’t solve but i just do not get enough time…and i was even starting to fantasise about having a social life .

So any help for rc would be greatly appreciated .