BSB: Donington Park - 2x Galleries Up!

Since last night we’ve had these two galleries up, the first of four. In slightly backward order but that’s down to our photographers being busier than ever. They’re truly fantastic photos as ever, showing off a bigger picture of the event with all the support classes as well as the superbikes.

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Full Galleries:


Blah Blah Blah!!! All you really needed to say was ‘sorry everyone, we didn’t manage to get any photos of Ram-Air at Donington. Our bad!’

… honestly! How am I supposed to keep up my ‘Shalabrety Image’ if my boys aren’t putting me in the lime light!

Heh :slight_smile: Better luck next time.

hehe well in order to raise your Shalabrity image further, perhaps a reminder of your race number and series so we might point a lens at you come Snett ? :slight_smile: