Bsb cadwell

I see minitwins are the final event
Does this mean your gonna be on tv gabs?

Unfortunately, yes.

Timetable here:

Brilliant hope you got you’re Lb stickers on :smiley:

Will you be wearing your cape;)

Don’t forget your lucky knickers!

LOL well maybe I shouldnt have any - that way I can’t make use of them and have no option but to have balls of steel instead :wink:

Brilliant, the other half and I are going to be up at Cadwell fof the BSB - will be cheering for you. :smiley:

Thanks. Let’s hope I don’t get knocked off this time…

Leaving for this soon. Have a good weekend all :wink:

Do you know when your races are being shown?Is it on BSB Extra?P.S. I haven’t seen any results, so I hope you did yourself proud!