BSB Brands Hatch

I tend not to take many pix of the racing bikes when I go to a race meet, I seam to always find myself to far away with only a standard lens or some stupid fence was erected in the perfect place to take a great shot in the name of safety.Whatever the problem is I never get the pix of the bikes I actually see with my eyes so here are a few pix of some other BSB junk.










What great pics ! We were there … what a brilliant days racing :cool:

The best parts of the weekend had to be when Leon Haslem Invited me into Ducati’s Hospitality Suite, for a quick hello & to Graffiti My Lid.

Right after a sore Chris ‘Stalker’ Walker signed my book and a photo, both guy were cool to meet and have a quick word with.

…LUV IT!!!







Ooooooo look at you mingling with the stars … jealous :ermm:

We went with H from Elite, I think he said he knows you … :doze:

Leon did a huge burnout in front of us after race 2 and so did Kiyo … sad it’s all over for another season.

Yeah I know H hes a top bloke :cool:

Very cool mate! There’s some nice snaps in there all the same! Lucky guy getting all that signed :slight_smile:

Great pics, oh man I knew I should’ve gone Sun too!!

Sat was great though, but I know who to go with next year :Whistling:

The helmet is coool but its gonna cost a few £££, as I now need a new helmet to wear everyday.

…Think ill get a new N. Haga rep

Walker is a top man, always seems willing to entertain and be a nice guy. Hes not riding for Suzy next season, good source says he has signed for a green team. Also Crutchlow is being courted by many of the teams, and he may go to HM plant.

The main talking point is the GSE Airwaves Ducati team, they have pulled out. S no Haslam or Lavilla unless they get picked up elsewhere. Apparently throwing a spat because they are not allowed to change the pistons in the 1098. Rules state standard pistons should be used, so why do they want to change them? According to them, its for safety issues - wtf :w00t:, glad I havn’t got a 1098 in that case.

Oh, and 2 main tyre manufacturers are gunning for the single tyre next year. Rumour control says its between Dunlop and Pirelli.

not to mention Ryonari is offski. isn’t jonny rea a potential off too?

sounds like next year is going to be blast to watch in bsb at this rate…

Rea is already off, hes off to World Super Sport for at least a season. Another rumour for HM, is that Camier may be courted for the ride.

he’s going to be riding round on his own at this rate :wink:

I missed the first race yesterday but caught the second from paddock hill. Congrats to Kyo for winning the championship.