Bsb - Brands Hatch this weekend

Is anyone riding over to brands hatch this weekend for BSB?

Will be going on Monday

Yep, me
Monday and maybe sunday if i don’t join the Jets

yep i am going i got a three day ticket for 15 quid but working most of the frigging weekend now, work has just gone pete tong on me big time

hopefully see the “dogs borrocks” nori haga laying some rubber on the corners

what day you going malc ?

tommorrow afternoon, all day sunday and monday afternoon

I’ve got a spare free ticket if anyone wants it? First come first served :smiley:

i ve got my lid signed by haga!!! will post a pic later:D

lol mr bike nice one! Was a wet day and loads of riders lowsiding. I filmed some of it - got Tommy Hill coming off right in front of me, and I got the nine riders low-siding right in front of me on Graham Hill Bend in the Supersport race. All the riders were OK thankfully, will edit and upload it soon. Gutted they cancelled race 2 :frowning:

i was on graham hill bend! just by the single data tag sign, i think the kwackas should be sponsered by rice crispes “snap crackle and pop” they must run alot of electronics the over run crack and pops where well loud!!! alot of em the back end was coming out on leaveing druids:D
laverty and the other rider who came off right in front of you then thought a punch might have been thrown think i got about 10 copies of mcn dunno why though lol:D

lol, love the tshirt mate did Nori-chan clock it when he signed your lid? Must have been standing right near you on Graham Hill bend!

…and yeah those kwaks were loud on the overrun! Great day out, even if the 2nd race was cancelled :smiley:

no that t shirt is a pic off google images lol i did nt see the nori clan? mind you i was cold and wet etc i chked the time table on the internet see the pit walk was at 11 30am looked at the time it was 10 44! so thought nah i am going to get hagas autograph no matter what got ther by 11 32, after getting dressed getting the bike out filling up at the garage rushed down to brands i got the back end out on my bike along the the way didnt have time to shart my pants only grin afterwards lol took ages to get the autograph, walked around the back area pits too. had some decent grub in the mike hailwood bar/restraunt compaired to the other grub around the circuit that is the only place to eat well impressed with the grub

lol, yeah I got stung 4 quid for a dirty looking burger at druids - funny thing was the same chain of burger stalls behind the pit straight was charging 6 quid for the same burger!