BSB Assen ride Saturday 20th September


Anyone going this weekend I could ride with?

I have a channel crossing Saturday at 09:50


I’m going with a mate but we are going friday to monday and making a weekend of it…

Our channel tunnel crossing is 7:50 friday…

Looking forward to it…

That sounds cool, when you heading back? Sunday or Monday?


Rough route will be windy road function on the TomTom
Calais – Antwerp

Antwerp – Apeldoorn

Apeldoorn – Groningen

Ridden in France loads of times but never ridden in Netherlands so should be interesting…

Me too, done Assen 5 or 6 times now, but not on my own. No need for handholding, but safer to be in a group or with another for obvious reasons. I guess I’ll head to Folkestone and see if I can hook up with others on route. Failing that, turn up the music and enjoy the scenery :slight_smile:

You’re more than welcome to ride with us either to or from Assen (we are staying at Groningen just north of Assen).

Depart 7:50am Friday
Return 17:50 Monday