Broken ribs

Hey guys,

Two weeks ago my brother talked me into going go karting - His friend smacked into me side on - fracturing three ribs.

The pain is unbelievable - even all this time later! I have a band audition tomorrow! I was really hoping it would be ok by now but it still really painful.

The doctor said its mostly healed but it doesn’t feel like it!

Anyone had broken ribs? How long will I be in pain?


I dunno the timescale but I know it’ll be longer the mover you move it

I had broken ribs years ago. Six months.

It took that long because I have several ribs broken in two places.

Anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen will be extremely helpful, and a pain killer such as paracetamol.

Sneezing is fun isn’t it?

I had 3 fractured ribs but didnt find it too bad…(compared to the pain from my broken collarbone)
3 months before I had no discomfort & was back to normal.

Oh my gosh sneezing is the worst pain Ive ever had!

Yeah, broken ribs suck hard! And they seem to take weeks and weeks and weeks to recover. Unfortunately there’s pretty much f all you can do about it except to take painkillers and anti-inflammatories as suggested above.

My brother said, If I break my legs Ill forget about the ribs haha

Funnily enough my doctor told me to stop anti-inflammatories as supposedly the inflammation actually makes the bone heal and fuse faster. Apparently online a few people say the same thing… I’m not going to complain, I had codeine (great) and tramadol (pretty crap pain relief) :slight_smile: