Brockley Rise between Honor Oak Park and South Circular


The police have cordoned off the south bound lane and are managing traffic.
The hole is about two and half feet across in the middle of the lane, but when you look inside, its cavernous easily 10-15 foot deep and extends under a lot more the road than the hole size suggests…

I would post pics to show you but NOT on this site… it is on par with rocket science, IU hated geography, cats aren’t my thing, and I don’t have several weeks to try and test out all the convoluted nonsense the process involves… plus someone has probably already posted a picture with the same name and my Sinkhole pic will be replaced with some plumber’s bloody catalogue shot that he’s trying to show a client what he plans to replace a faulty basin with…

A monster underground cavern. Could be the next Cheddar Gorge . oooh creepy stuff. I tried potholing… not my cuppa.

it extended under the opposite carriageway… really scary, cos something that big would be a MASSIVE off if it caught you out… obvious not everyday, but impossible to know if one’s there until its too late

rideout anyone?

I don’t think when people say “I want a bike that will last my entire life”, that’s what they mean?