British Supersport rider Guy Sanders has died

Very sad news . . .


RIP fella

That’s very sad news, condolances to friends and family.

I cannot tell you guys how sick I feel.

Guy Sanders was one of those people that everyone should have known. He was one of those people that as soon as he saw you he had a smile and a joke ready for you. He remembered things about you that made you feel he cared.

He never had the best of luck racing, but he always tried and the REALLY sick thing is after a couple of years of struggling with a DOG of a Kawasaki, he and his team were making some real progress.

Guy tried no matter how hard the circumstances. He went out there, faced crappy conditions and tried, with a smile on his face. This is really crappy news.

My thoughts are with Derek his father, Lee his mechanic and all of his friends and family who will be really hurting at this time.

Guy was one of the greats and it was a real pleasure and an honour to be counted as one of his friends.

Rest in Peace mate. Toby

Tragic! My condolences to everyone affected.

My thoughts are with the family and friends.


I echo Tobi’s feelings - I wasn’t know to him but I have watched and photographed him several times. And that makes him real to me.

I hope that this kind of tragedy reminds everyone that these guys are out there risking their lives and we derive entertainment from it. I know they volunteer but that doesn’t minimise the risks nor should it lessen our respect for them.

So please whether you are attending one of these races this season, watching on TV or simply browsing through my photos, remember that the edge which you and I hope to never see on our bikes is right there in front of these guys and girls. All the time.

There’s gonna be a bike without a rider now. Someone is going to have to take his name off the windscreen.

My sympathies.

And there is a statement from the family contained on this thread


Don’t know what to say, still cant believe he’s not gonna be around at the track any more.


Very sad, RIP for him.

This is an example than even racer could be killed on track.