British Superbikes Round 2, at Thruxton!

I don’t say this lightly, but we’re now the best resource for racing photos on the web. Most certainly within the BSB paddock which is where we do the meat of our photography. There is no-one else capturing the atmosphere and the sheer adrenaline rush that you get from attending these events. Our boys are putting many professional outfits to shame who have been doing this for decades.

We’ll soon be offering professional motorsport services in the form of team/event photography to the industry. Watch this space for a special project we’re working on.

For this event at the country’s fastest circuit where the bikes go over 200mph (yes, two hundred miles per hour!), our boys had the mammoth of all challanges as it’s a very hard circuit to shoot at with the distances and surrounding landscape, but our boys have done us proud. I can’t believe how close to the action they get. It allows us to feel as though we’re there :slight_smile:

We’re going to have four galleries, and the first two have just been published. Check out what 210bhp+ and 200mph looks like. Don’t forget to leave comments:

Fantastic pictures:cool: Now I know why I never see you, (except briefly in the bar) you’re always in the undergrowth or up a tree taking pics, great work. :slight_smile:

heh B, there is another reason why we never see you - CAUSE YOU’RE STILL IN BED at 10 in the morning lol lol lol

hahahaha yes, I turned up at Sam’s tent and you were still knocking out the zeds apparently.

At least I know I’ll see you in the bar tho :wink:

Haha, I heard you were there and was going to join you but they got addicted to my porridge so I was relegated to breakfast boy.

Hold on, I was at Thruxton 8am Friday waiting for the team to arrive and when they did myself, Sam and hid dad had already set up camp;)

Sh!t hot pics chaps:cool:

I especially like the wet pics and clear visors where you can see the look of concentration on the riders faces:)

Wicked pics, keep up the good work guys :cool: I went along on sunday, was a top day out, must have been one of you lot I saw track side just after the start/finish straight taking pics :smiley:

Incredible photos. They have to be some of the best i’ve ever seen of bike racing.

And to top it off they all have a little description telling us whats going on, creating the atmosphere and adding to the fun.

It is also something i’ve never come accross before being able to see so many pictures of such variety in a single place. Most photographers just upload their pics to a standard database in low resolution to ensure sales. For the individual selling them this is great but for the sport London Bikers are leading the entire world it seems :cool:

Just cos I wasn’t htere, I’m gonna have to say, Funky Norah! Gutted I missed this, but some staggering shots here Mike.

Andy fella, this is twice now the new lad has had two spankin galleries up before you’ve even got yer first… Only kiddin mate :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work fellas and looking forward to your efforts Harbron!

Hey B, too little too late man :wink: … lol yeah I’m gutted I missed the porridge, mebbe next time :slight_smile: You’ve a good kid there so we’re gonna be expecting big things over the next year or two. Surely a seat at Embassy is on the cards if he beats their kid a few more times?

Tobe, you cheeky bugger. I know I know it’s typical - normally I’m the work shy fop and Damon had the Monday morning work thing so I got my galleries up first. Now Doddsy comes along, all flash photos and ideas and to cap it all, as if being an ace snapper isn’t enough, he doesn’t have a proper job so beats me to publishing.

Life just ain’t fair man. And I had to fly to Glasgow Sunday night. And my Laptop power lead bust.

Boo hoo :hehe:

Winge winge winge. It never stops. Not even on the forum it seems!!

Nail on the head on all that! :slight_smile:



Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciate it.

Nice pictures !!

You are very good at stuff you doing :smiley:

Keep on good work m8:D

consistency is a keystone to my life. you seen the babes I was shooting while you shot people’s laptops ?


Hehe, love it :slight_smile: