British SBK

I’ve been watching the BSB and just wonderin if it most of the success comes down to the rider or to the bike because the two airwaves yamaha riders been killin all of the competition like its nothing but there were other yamahas and they didnt ride any near how camier and ellison rode. So I’m making a conclusion that its more down to the rider.

Your opinions? :slight_smile:

I think you will find that it is a mixture of right bike right team and good riders. Yes Leon and James are making it an easy season for Airwaves but think about what is and has been happening to Yamaha over the past few years. Rossi and Burgess move there and have been almost untouchable, now these technical advances inevitably make their way into superbikes and the new R1 has been doing the business in both WSB and BSB. Ben Spies is having a tremendous season but there more than BSB we see just what the difference an excellent rider can do compared to his team mate.

Team Airwaves have been winning BSB for many years and know what it takes to win. Leon has been improvin year on year and it was inevitable that he would get a top ride and show everyone what he is capable of. James has been all over the world racing bikes, even a couple of seasons in the AMA on a not so competative bike but still managed regular top ten finishes so he also has the talent.

So like i said earlier it is a combination of all things that have made this season one to remember for Airwaves Yamaha, Leon and James.