British Gas break into a couples house!

What right do british gas have to do that, for what turn’t out to be for the wrong reason!

I hate BG and i recon they should them.

Just seen it on the news, that’s awful. Companies like that make me sick, they’re the bane of everyday-folk’s lives.

The Gas Acts give, * pretty much,* the gas company the right to force entry into your property on the grounds of safety and non-payment. (As far as I recall.) The limit of their action is to make safe or terminate the supply.

I don’t recall that they had the right to change the frigging meter.

As ever, give a big company a bit of power and they will abuse that sooner or later.

Reminds me strangely of the Met. Police, and others, abusing the Dangerous Drugs Act back whenever. All they needed was “… reasonable grounds for suspicion…” and they were free of that boring detail of a Magistrates Warrant.

Now, of course, they have “anti terrorism” as a carte blanche.

Ho hum,


That’s appalling! how generous of them to shell out £200 for the inconvenience…

British gas are a bunch of A…oles i’ve never had or used them yet they keeping sending my other half letters saying he owes them £80 but the catch is they get sent to my address and he aint even registered here cos he lives in his own flat in barking! and there he don’t even have gas! i’ve been in touch with the ombudsmen and now they are dealing with it they said its as bad as me walking upto someone in the street saying “you owe me”:angry: