Brighton for chish and fips

Late call on this one and depending on who’s interested, how about a run to the pier?

weather looks good, will sure up leaving time later if this goes ahead. Probably from the Ace though.

I am up for it !

As i’m in Redhill (nr junc 8 of M25) i am already part way there. I could leave here at about 5pm, would be good to hear your new machine PJ

im interested, depending on leaving times :wink:

PJ, you’ll be pleased to know I’m going to sit this one out, will get the topbox rack fixed first and try not to kill anyone with an air line…

Aww would have come but we are heading wesssssst as the weathers looking good :cool:

Have a nice ride down x

Would luv too as I’m off today, just had new chain & sprockets fitted, but can’t come out due to technical reasons :crazy: have a good blast!:smiley:

I miss this run.

Ok this is a go people.

Meet at the Ace cafe ready to leave at 7.30 from the bus stop. Head to boxhill for 8.30 and then leave for Brighton.

Ok if am at Boxhill for 8.30 I would be happy to join you. If am late, I may see you down there…

Pj you using M40 M25 to box??

That will depend on how many turn up, we have gone via the A3 before so that was the plan this time.

Ok if I’m coming I’ll just go straight to box

that was a very good turnover, counted about 15 bikes :smiley:

sorry i had to leave you at box, hangover recommended i turn back and go home :stuck_out_tongue:

heads up on your way back, coppers with speed gun at the roundabout to the a3 from a243. if they’re still there. its a 30 area. they’re on foot, and you wont see the car.

yeah was a good turnout, with much discussion of how dark it gets at night with a tinted visor :stuck_out_tongue:

Was a good ride and a good turnout, good to see you all. Cheers PJ!

Nice evening. Thanks PJ. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone, had a good evening.
Damn it’s dark when riding with a dark visor and a million flys covering it lol some even thought it was raining!!! :w00t:

Hope you all had a good evening and got home ok.

Had a great time tonight, thanks PJ! And thanks J.C for slumming it with me at the tail :slight_smile: Quite a few firsts for me this evening - going to Brighton!, going on my first LB ride out, going on a ride out with more than 2 other people, eating cheesy chips on a pier! Aye, I had a lovely time, thanks folks!

Mornin’ all. Had a good night last night, nothing quite like doing pitch black country lanes that you’ve never ridden before (some without markings of any description!) with a tint on!! Really good to catch up with familiar faces and to meet new ones. Had a bit of a red-mist moment when the staines massive tried it on in a 3-series but the honour of LB was upheld, the 160 undertake worked a treat! Oh and K don’t get carried away with J.C bringing up the rear, he was only there to try and catch a glimpse!! Vern out! :wink:

That undertake must have been on the M25? You came past me from nowhere shortly followed by a Staines massive 3series :w00t: I wanted to come and play but didn’t want to leave my wing girl.

Good to see you out last night mate.