Bridgestone S20 EVOR

Just had a new rear tyre fitted by those terrific guys at Essential Rubber ( ). This one cost £150, pretty good eh

The oem tyres are Super Corsa’s, which I didn’t like, so I changed for the Pilot Road 3. Although they were much better in the wet, they felt as if they were slipping out on corners to me, so my last set of tyres were the Bridgestone S20 EVO. As I was quite happy twitch them, I replaced the rear for the same thing, after 4189 miles.

that is not bad mileage on a sports tyre. My BT021 is currently on over 7K and I’m thinking of a 023 replacement. Should do the trick for 8k at least.

What bike? I’ve had PR3’s on an F800R and ZX6R. More grip in the dry and wet than I could use.

Will be going for PR3’s on the 950 as the Super Corsa Diablo whatsits, whilst fine for the two days of sun a year we get, in the wet are similar to the PR3’s in the snow :s

+1 for Essential Rubber.

I got BT23s they have around 11k on them the back will need changing soon but the front is half worn

I had Bridgestone S20 on my MT-09 previously. Really liked the way it behaved in wet. Never had any scary moments on them. The Dunlop BT016 I have at the moment on the gixxer made me crap my pants a few times during my BikeSafe this Saturday. Almost lost the bike twice on bends, could feel both wheels sliding at the same time. Not cool. I’ll probably keep them till the end and put something decent on afterwards.

I assume you meant Bridgestone Battlax BT-016.

The Bridgestone Battlax BT range is being changed to…
T range (Touring and Sports Touring) e.g. the T30 which superceeds the BT-023 to BT-045
S range (Sports) e.g. the S20 and S20 EVO which superceed the BT-016 PRO and BT-090
R range (Racing) e.g. the R10 which superceeds the BT-003 RS

I’m getting new tyres for xmas :cool:
PR4s on my commuter (SV650) and S20 EVOs on my weekend toy (R6).

BTW how did you manage to crap your pants on a bikesafe day when
you’re pretty much riding within the speed limits?