Brembo Racing master cylinder, lots of Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa and Racetech part worns for sale

Hi I’m having a bit of a clearout to get some cash together for next seasons assault on the junior superstocks. I have various sets of race tyres for sale most have done a race day plus a praccy afternoon at Mallory so about 60 laps in total on a 675. I have various compounds and sizes. In Racetechs i have mainly 190 k2 rears with k1 fronts. In the new diablo supercorsas i have SC2 fronts with 180 SC2 and SC0 rears. Looking for £65 per pair of tyres - buyer must pay postage on top or collect. Also have a double bubble genuine Triumph screen for sale there £100 new but yer your right i didn’t pay that much! Want £45 for it though as i’ve only used it on the spare fairing about once! Will fit onto road fairing to.

Also have a Brembo off a friend Matt Stakes who used it all of 3 times on his 600RR before going to 250Gp bike racing. It was 225 new i believe and i paid 160 for it as at the time i was gonna keep my own 600RR and do New Era Superclub with it. Plan changed and it’s actually never done anything since. Would like to see 140 back for it. Will improve your stopping power over stock a LOT. Won’t fade like a crap standard master cylinder either. I’d use it but due to superstock rules i am not alowed to. Has got a hole drilled near in end of lever purposely done so if the lever was to snap you’d still have a lever left to carry on a race with.This is not the trackday master cylinder this is the same one as the superbike teams use.

If your interested pm or email me as my phones not working at the min after a lil accident.

[email protected]

Also got a brand new set of Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa tyres for sale. Basically bought 1 set to many due to a wet meeting and these were not used.SC2 Front and rear in a 180. There around £250 + a set most places as they are the new ones used in BSS and WSS that replaced the supercorsa pros. These are direct from the BSB paddock. Will let them go for £215. Reason why i don’t want to keep them is because i have to race on a control tyre next year so no point wrecking the most expensive set of rubber out there…plus need to get used to having less grip!