Breaking - Yamaha R1 5PW

Breaking A Yamaha R1 5PW


Akrapovic Exhaust
Carbon Engine Cover
Wavy Discs
K&N Air Filter

Am Based In Harrow NW London

Message Me For Parts

Thanks Dan

You can really go off some people! :stuck_out_tongue: These bikes belong to stay on the road not be broke down - or returned to the rightful owner! Lol:laugh:

But if breakers never got bikes to strip then everyone would be buying parts fr main dealers and only the rich would get there bikes repaired you ever asked a dealer how much for a engine lol

Lol - I was ony messing, but thats what cat d/c’s are for :laugh:

I know lol

But would you rather get your parts from a undamaged HPI Clear bike or one been involved in a smash?
I do get write offs but ATM getting HPI clear bikes a lot

Pm’d re clutch boss

Have you still got the seat unit cowl???

no sorry sold ages ago

do you have the clocks

Dan, you really need to link to your ebay home page when you post these so people can see what you have left.

no sorry fella sold

And Mian it use to be in my Sig before this place went all silly and tbh i dont come on here that much anymore anyways

you only come on here to use it as free advertising space then?

nope as you can see i stopped posting what bikes breaking up on here a long time ago

so no free advertising for me lol