Breaking - Suzuki SV1000

Breaking Next Week Suzuki SV1000


Aftermarket Exhausts
Blue Samco Hoses
Aftermarket Undertray And Tail Tidy
Seat Cowl
Chrome Radiator Guard
Brand New Radiator

Message Me For Details

Thanks Dan


looks like it had a black screen? have you still got the screen?

yes it does and yes i do :slight_smile:

What about the GSXR you were breaking a week or so ago, you never did get back to me about those bits?? Come in Dan, pull your bloody socks up!! :smiley:

Tbh I completely forgot been mad busy with new bikes coming in just employed first person to work for me moving premises hopefully and sponsoring might be getting involve in…
Just facebooked you be quicker :wink:

Good afternoon, do you still have the SV1000 you were breaking? if so do you have the down pipes?



You 2 friends again now? :Whistling:

Ratty gets sand in his vagina sometimes :smiley:

Hi are the front forks available off sv1000.

Hey Dan, do you ever look on LB.

Donn`t worry guys Big D is preoccupied.

Sometimes lol

and I actually laughed pretty hard at that :laughing:

Boris will have that seat cowl off you

i literally have a few parts left for this bike and another i done recently

are listed here:

I need alternator rotor for 2006 suzuki sv1000s

Given this post is 5yrs old. I suspect it is no longer available.

I’d imagine Big_D has already totally stripped and sold this bike. I send him a message and see if he was any other SVs in his inventory.

did your magnets come off?

had that twice…
lots of people seem to re-glue them and i haven’t seen many saying they had problems after. it seems a bit iffy to me though.

yer this was some time ago so np parts left lol

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Do you still have the black plastic panels both sides that sit below the tank/seat ? If so how much please.
Many thanks