Breaking down sucks

I was out on my bike last night, first time for a “propper” ride since B set up the suspension last week (more on that in another post).

Was really enjoying some of Kent’s best roads and the last of the daylight, and suddenly, lost power, saw the FI light go on for a split second, then dash died, then engine cut :frowning:

It’s not the battery as the lights work when the ignition is on, but the dash is completely dead and no sound of the fuel pump priming :frowning:

Was stuck in a pitch black dark little lane in the middle of nowhere (it gets dark very quickly after 8PM these days :(), but luckily a friendly SOS-motorcycled sent by a friendly KTM breakdown cover (they know you’ll need it, so they throw in 2 years of free breakdown cover when you buy a new bike) came to pick me up.

It really sucks that Bracken, where I bought the bike new only a few months ago, is no more, so I had to find another dealer. Felt a bit sorry for arranging warrantee work with a dealer I didn’t buy the bike from, but they seemed friendly enough and very helpful, so tomorrow she’ll be towed to In Moto in Croydon. I just hope they can fix it properly before I go of to Wales for a long weekend in couple of weeks time.

So, I don’t really have anything to say, just thought I share the rant. I think motorcycles suck. Why do they break down …

Sorry to hear mate… hope it gets sorted quickly

But just remember this, ‘Women suck too, but we never complain about that!’ :w00t:

Sorry to hear about the problems fella.

Touch wood my KTM has been fine so far. I’ve been worried as I have not been home for a few weeks so it has been sitting out in all this rain we’ve been having, instead of tucked up in the garage with a night light and scented candle of an evening. It’ll get tucked back in this weekend.

Nice guys at In Moto.

Bit of a walk to East Croydon from there though.

yer I know that place I used to go into the shop opposite but you will see a shamed from me in there about them so no longer go in there.

when I have the money to go new they will be the KTM people I will be visiting

Is this a Superduke
Was the tank removed at any time

I had a similar problem on my superduke the bike cut out and the dash was dead kept blowing fuses. Traced the problem to a pinched wire on the fuel pump. :slight_smile:

Very good guess!

Yes, it’s a superduke, no the tank wasn’t removed, but apparently the disk lock I keep under the seat had knocked a wire out.
I had tried to have a look at the wiring under the seat and wiggled the connectors, but must obviously have missed one :pinch:

Glad to be back on the road though, even though it’s wet …

Don’t worry about going to another dealer for warranty work, the dealers tab gets picked up by KTM, in full if they weren’t the original suppliers.

Get to know the people at In-Moto, they are a really good bunch of (Italian) family and Christian Ingignoli is one of the best (nicest) bike dealers you’ll come across.

(No connection with them except as a customer.)