Breakfast supermoto ride out...?

Just a big hello 2 all from a newly converted ex R1 rider…! When is there a supermoto ride out 2 meet u guy’s…?

Welcome matey!!

Hope your glad twith the conversion! I still ride both but am loving the SM stylee!

I’m not out this Sunday but a few of the guys here might be - they’ll post up there replies after me no doubt!!

See you soon fella!


Oh I like that DW!:cool: When y’all gonna peel the tank graphics off?:cool:

welcome 2 da nut house

there may be a chance of a lil blast this weekend;) BUT you’ll have to pull ya indicators off

is the breakfast club rule:D

who else is gona come out 2 play sunday mornin then:Whistling:

D, cant DW loan you his bike for some stunting practice? That should ready the bike for The BCR. Tank graphics and all!:hehe:

Ahhhhh thats why mine started to fall off on the last ride .:w00t:

WTF…No indicators…Quality…RSVP with some bike pics of your steeds…n breaki rides…n where do you guys ride…?

My new rims turned up yesterday at last…

I have the origional wheels complete with tyres discs n sprocket for sale now…Check out e-bay…Item number: 110229174690

Well I take it is on 4 another w’end…

No takerz 4 tommoro…so I am gonna b out o town

Ride safe n see u guys soon…

Ive got a bit of time tomorrow,if you want a bit of a poodle on the south of the water ?

Then im off to work .

Thats a fine looking bike you have there fella, i would like to be out for a blast with ya tomorrow, but i sold the 530 this morning, i,ll be back in the game in a couple of weeks,due to most people having wife/girlfriend/children commitments, our Sunday school happens on a fortnightly basis, so hang in there fella:D:D:D