Just been sent an invoice from a someone claiming to be Green Flag, for an accident which happened 18months ago and the transport of the bike was covered by the bike insurance
I have not and I am not going to pay - but I am sure other might be tempted to pay up

is your insuruance details on there too? just wondering if they can get such details.

Also if it was true as you stated covered by your insurance.

Also is it direct from grn flag or is it another scam for some1 to get your card/bank details?
Have ya asked green flag?

no answer from the phone number on the invoice

and if it is Green flag maybe there are double charging - once to the insurance company one to the bike owner - th thing is - it is 18 months ago

if phone number dont work ho ya spose to pay? wot was payment options offered?

Phone yer insurance company see if they have been charged etc.

I’d send em an invoice saying they dropped yer bike and caused 1000 worth of damage and who do make a claim to? lol

ebike insurance was who I was with - changed cos the are difficult as hell to contact - tried phoning their claims service today - it was answered by the RAC!