Breakdown sale

As always this time of year (a couple of weeks ago) I get my renewal for breakdown from theAA.

And like every year the price is much higher than the one before

And like every year, if I wait till end of Nov / first days of Dec they have a very good price… This year they seem to be doing 50% off the costs of the non basic bits of breakdown (at home, national recovery etc).

Thought I’d share as it might be worth for some who’s policy is up for renewal.

Managed to get car breakdown (only have car now) + home + national coverage for under £79.5…

The RAC have a similar offer at the moment - price would be £82.5

A couple of weeks ago I looked at RAC and it was around the 140 or 160 mark (can’t remember)

PS. Yes I know Green Flag might be cheaper, and that you might be able to get it with your bank and that the service from theAA and / or RAC might be (or might have been) terrible. I don’t endorse these companies, just flagging what I’ve seen as I’ve only ever used RAC / AA :slight_smile:


Top man. Mine is £104. I’ll call them tomorrow.

ps How long have you been a member for?

With the AA? Not sure. Because in the past they always claimed these offers were for new customers I switched between companies. I think I will have been with the AA 3years straight now.

Last year I tested it and I was able to buy despite being an existing customer. This year seems like the legislation about offering same deal to new and existing customers kicked in and they price matched there and then.

I’ve been a loyal member for 13 years and screwed in return

They matched it. Cheers :grin::grin::grin:


Could you sign up again with the same email address as the previous policy?

I don’t remember which one I used but I think so… Basically I put the phone down and then signed up straightaway.

As I found out throughout my time on the phones every time renewal came around, there was a lot of horseshit thrown about about what offer was for whom etc.