Breakdown recovery....

…Can anyone recommend someone??? Stupid me still hasn’t sorted this out and I’ve got a bad feeling I rode over glass this morning on my way into work

Oooo let me see if someone springs to mind…


Ha ha ha ha - As if by magic Smokey appeared

If you get a puncture this guy -->>> is pretty local to you (Biggin Hill)

Thanks Biggus - But I’m in Borough at the mo. But I’ll save the number on my phone

Do the AA only do cars… I presume they do


I have RAC… It’s personal cover that covers me in a car, on the bike etc, oh and Europe wide too (with a couple of exceptions - i.e. “dodgy” countries…) Check with you insurance comp, some have puncture cover as part of the service (think Bennetts do this… might be wrong…)

Oh please forget Smokey… If your in SE1… Go for FWR in kennington lane I think … check your insurance cover you mite have a brake down cover. and you mite get Smokey . Good luck!

What’s wrong with Smokey???

Or not… apparently…

Thanks for that Biggus

alot of ins co. throw this in for free…or u can add it on for a small fee so double check that first

With that in mind you may want Smokey after all … then go to the essential rubber shop

Make sure ya gotta biiiiiiiig wedge of dosh to hand if ya go for SOS. Got quoted over 80 quid for a 2½ mile recovery to the local dealer …80 quid!!!:onfloorYeah, alright mate, I know I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

get some breakdown cover then then you wont have to pay through the nose as much as I think he’s a twat that don’t go in his pocket…

Im an AA patrol btw, and YES we do do bikes, send us a PM and i can sort out membership discounts for LB’s

I already get 20% for being a John Lewis partner… can you put more discount on top of that?

I presume, as its me thats a member, rather than my car, I don’t even need to declare I use a bike too? I just call if I breakdown on it?

How old is the Bike (Honda)…If you brought it brand new you should have two years Honda Assistance with it…

prob a bit l8 now, ginger but there a tyre place round the corner form your work (joes’ kitchen, is that right?) junction of union st/gt guilford st and i mean literally just round the corner, Universal tyres, or last resort ya could have tried Chasbikes, least ya know for nest time.