Breakdown Cover?

Who do you guys use ? or who would you recommend for roadside recovery / breakdown?

Ideally I would like to be able to cover the bike + car?


I’m with Vehicle Rescue Direct with my bike. I have home recovery plus Europe and it cost £59.00 for the year. I’m about to call them today to pop my car on there too.

I also have the Honda Owners breakdown cover that came free with my new bike.

RAC covers my bike and car

edit: Plus Her with the horns’ car

RAC Bike + 3 cars

I get it stupidly cheap via my insurance and a company called CallAssist who don’t deal direct to the public but only via third parties like insurers. You ring them and they just pass the call on, the only time I’ve used them those excellent chaps from SOS Recovery turned up.

The RAC cover on my car covers my bike too & I have a mate that works for the RAC & he says they have 1 man in the area thats really good with bikes, my mate covers the stretch between Blackheath & Lower Thames St.

I had to call them out last week, problem with the alarm and they got me going again

I have my bike and car covered with the AA.

They plugged my tyre for me on my bike - the guy turned out to be a biker and was showing me and Westie his trackday pics, lol.

Got RAC cover been recovered 3 times all without problems - 1 accident, 1 irrepairable puncture, and 1 leaky radiator…

Also used the AA card I got with my CB1300 and had a temp plug fitted to a punctured rear… Check out your insurance - lots of places included breakdown/accident cover with their policies…

I’ve been with the AA for years for both car and bikes and have never had a problem either with recovery after breakdowns or punctures or bringing out petrol.Don’t know how they compare on price though with others.

I`m with The AA and have been with them since 1986, they have always been good to me for anything i have rung them up for.

Be aware that neither the AA nor the RAC will recover in the case when the bike is rideable, but the rider is incapacitated. Carole Nash and MAG are the only two I’ve found so far that will.

Also be aware that the AA won’t recover your bike unless the rider goes with it, hence me sitting on Chelsea embankment with a busted ankle for 2 hours, going home with the bike, then going to hospital next day.

I’d imagine they’ve changed this ridiculous policy by now, but might be worthwhile checking.

Something to do with varifing the damage already done to the bike (bringing the rider with it).

Personal cover covers every vehicle riden or driven or being a passenger.

So you are in rural France, slide off on diesel and dislocate your shoulder, no damage to bike apart from a bent mirror.

Norwich Union? Nada. AA and RAC also said feck off in similar circumstances. There are recordings to prove it (not held by me, but they do exist).

So you are in Cornwall and slide off on excess gravel on a right-hander and get a broken shoulder-blade? AA said feck-off yet again. That was Ian of this parish.

Read the small print and make sure sure you have the cover you really might want when **** happens.

It needn’t be expensive…

RAC. I had a flat in France and the recovery van was there within a hour and they rang every 30 mins to update on the progress of the tyre change. Never had service like it before!

RAC is looking like favourties at the mo … will look into it a bit more

So the moral of the story is not to bother wasting their time by calling the RAC/AA until you’ve first made sure the bike isn’t running/rideable ?

It has to be unrepairable except at your home - tricky one that.