BRAZEN HEAD - Christmas Tickets tonight

Hi all - see you all later at the Brazen - you can pay for your Christmas tickets this evening in cold hard cash to either Jay, Tasha or me :slight_smile:

Or in cold hard paypal here

See you there!


Well we were there and yes there’s not many tickets left.

Went on the bike too cant call me a fairweather rider now

But today’s weather was fair…

and who was in a car when it was raining on monday…

Well this morning was pretty pants…

Good to meet you guys last night, didnt get a chance to chat to all, but will be there for future meets and ride-outs for sure.

Sorry i couldnt make it last night , my mate Andrew {who some of you met at the ace on monday} collided with a lorry and is in hospital atm and i was a bit put off riding last night because of it.

OI! It rained on the way back I’ll have you know Still warm though

Thats your mate the quiet fella. Hope he’s ok Send him our best

is he ok???..and i dont blame you for being careful…same happened to me when Barro got knocked off…didnt want to go to the Cubana for ages

give us details of his hospital etc …as i do Hospital visits…whether they want me to or not

I think i was the quiet one on monday {was very tired} just trying to find out which hospital he’s at as i forgot to ask yesterday :S and what happened…
will send best wishes from LB

i’m no good with names but i dont forget faces…can you point him out in the Ace Newbie Night pictures please…and you too by the way

sure he’s the one at the end of the table to the right and im sitting next to him

gotcha… and somehow i thought it might be (strange)… and i’m sorry i never did my hostess bit with you both (ehem)

and i do mean it with the Hospital visit ok …

He’s ok from what i heard last night , his bike gear saved him but he broke two bones in his arm so they’re putting pins in! cant get through to anyone this morning to find out which hospital he’s in …
dont worry about the hostees bit i was pretty tired myself! should be along to next meet up (driving very carefully) thanks for your concern salee

Gee sorry to hear this Chris, tell him I send big hugs X tell him to get better soon


Annie x