Brands Hatch seating

Wondering if anyone who goes to watch the racing at BH could tell me where the best place to watch it from is? Just about to buy ticket for the BSB and would love the assistance.

Many thanks.

top left (i.e. closest side to the bend) of paddock hill stand can see all of the indy track, great views :slight_smile:

Cheers for that.

Near Clearways it quite good as you can see most of the track except them going round Druids but you do see them at Paddock Hill and Graham Hill as well as clearways and pit straight. Or if you want to get close to the action - but not see to much of rest of track stand in the middle (over the bridge) at Druids and you are very close as they go round.

Seating is great for the main races, but dont limit yourself to staying in one spot, have a walk around, you can get really close to the action at druids, bottom of paddock hill also cool.

All really helpful so thanks for that.

As E said, keep wandering, much more interesting Q

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