Brands Hatch Indy - Thurs 23 June evening


I’ve booked myself in for this event in the novice to slow intermediate group.

The format of the evening is:

4pm - Arrive at track
5pm - Briefing
5:30pm - Get on track
8pm - Finish

There are only 2 groups and they estimate you will get 3 to 4 runs of 20mins per group.

Let me know if anyone else is coming to this. Works out perfectly for me since I only have to take half a day off work.


Yeah I’m gonna be along on this. Did it last year and really enjoyed it.

i might pop along see if i can sneak on for a few sessions. take the cb500 round for a laugh :smiley:

How much is it? Who is running it?


I’ve had to swap onto the 5th July one, realised I had a prior engagement.

Btw it’s £79. If anyone else is coming, let me know or keep an due out for an 02 red Yamaha R6 plodding along. :slight_smile:

Quick Q about trackdays in UK… since I’m riding to this track day, I wanted to bring a bag which I can keep stuff like tyre pressure gauge, spanners and my mirrors when I take them off. Is it safe to just leave bags out of the way in garages?

yes mate, you’ll probably share a garage, but you normally have gear laying everywhere

pity Im potless after getting the cbr back on the road

Just about to leave for my session at Brands tonight.

Starts at 4. So does the rain. :frowning: