Brands Hatch Indy Circuit Lap Times

Hi there guys, just wondered if anyone can tell me what a decent “fast group” track day lap time is for Brands Hatch Indy?

If possible for a road bike, with road tyres.

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

I would guess low 50’s to high 40’s on your R1

A friend of mine does mid 50’s on her race ZXR400 (Standard Engined)

Id agree - on most bikes, these are good times - but anything under a minute is good for a first-timer, for those watching and wondering…57s are respectable and anything under that is getting into “good” territory :slight_smile: Under 50s is getting towards excellent…

Add around 4 seconds a lap for wet conditions.

who’s your friend, Dal?

She’s from our local forum over in Essex (enough clues there ;)) it was a one off race as she had a accident at druids in the last race that has put her off. It was a Bemsee Formula 400 meet she races with a number 24 plate and her partner races number 42

I just had a check of her time sheet and her best time was a 56.484

Sounds like Rookie J :slight_smile: In fact it really cant be anyone else, lol. Girl is doing good :wink:

Many thanks guys. Had my first track day there yesterday and was hitting 58/59’s most of the day, and reckon i could have lost a second or so. Got told by instuctor i should have a go in the fast group but was hesitant cos it was my first time at Brands.

Dont really fancy moving up a group if im gonna get mullered!!


dont worry about getting mullered, just go do it dude theres not even that much speed diff between fast and inters really.

in all honesty if you are doing 58/59’s round the indy on an R1 you arnt fast enough for the fast group. its also not just the speed, but you are kind of expected to ride at a competent standard. also not getting spooked by people coming past at 6/7/8 seconds a lap faster. no shame in hanging in the inters.

just realised this is a bloody Zombie thread!!! started in 2008???

cause bikes were really slow back then… :hehe:

Could be covering potential questions for this year :smiley:

45 Secs is the BSB Track record anyone getting unders 50s must have been racing a few seasons… My quickest?? well that would be telling…