Brands Hatch 31/07/06

I might be’aving some of BH on the evening of the 31st if anyone fancies a laugh I havn’t taken my ratty’ol XR there yet

Just watch out for tired stressed workers turning up after work and venting their frustrations on-track and taking you out too.

Must say tho, on a beautiful summer’s eve I can’t think of many places I’d rather be

I am helping some mates out there, already posted in the trackday section

Bollox I gotta work!

Bugger - just about to sign up, and I noticed they want both parts of driving license. Still waiting for mine to come back from the point-stamping nazis

lsd - you can still go, you have to pay a 5 quid charge for them to confirm with the dvla if you can’t show/part of your licence

Great stuff - thanks JohnnyB - have just booked up, and can’t wait to get out there


I might pop down there after work to really p!ss myself off…

Is it gonna be wet?

From the looks of the forecast, it might be a damp track, but without rain until home time.

Have you decided to do it then?