Brand new Gixer..... was!

oww, I feel for him, had that almost happen to me, but those of us skilled enough can hold it together :D:D:D

oldie but a goodie :smiley:

I tell ya, its sooooo easy to do this on a litre sportsbike. Took a 2 hr test ride early this yr on the 08 blade - had a 2001 600 hornet at the time. Took it back with a big grin and handed they keys back, with no hesitation, and no inkling to buy one :w00t:

I’m guessing that’ll be a combination of over-enthusiastic throttle and brand-new tyres doing that?

At least he was near a dealer when he came off. Easily fixed. :wink:

being either p155ed up, totally inept or both? That was like, less than 10 mph…:w00t: At least he learnt his lesson then and not 10 miles down the road at warp factor 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

After picking my bike up my blade last monday at 5pm and after getting knocked off at 11pm i can imagine how gutted he was.

Only difference is it was not my fault, but either way i bet he felt like ******* killing someone and crying at the same time!

Still ******* funny to watch!!! Cannot wait to get my bike back roll on Nov 5th!

???!!! HOW?!

Having a tit riding helped too…

Ive seen someone do this on a blade leaving the ace. Fortunately for them they didn’t end up on their arse. It’s certainly one way to show everyone that you are an incompitent biker in charge of a 1000.

lol twat!:smiley:

hes no fighter pilot

Brand new tyres, and too much throttle… dork. German dork no less! (Bauhaus is a German DIY chain and he has red (temporary) licensesplates with a “P” (for Potsdam) – typical “Ossi” I would say. Guess 'dem newfangled western sportsbikes are a bit more powerful than the Dneprs they had in Socialism xD


I wonder if he chuckled at the vid too :w00t: