Braking in Propotion

I have bad habit of applying front brakes always and I hardly use the rear brakes. Because of this I nearly skid in wet weather. Any tips to get rid of this bad habbit. I had scooter long time ago and both the brakes are in the handle so may be I got the habit from there.

get a vfr :stuck_out_tongue:

whats diff about vfr

Dont fret that you always use the front brake. Dont forget that this is where most of the stopping takes place, the rear brake is pretty much for added stopping power and stability.

Use the rear brake when slow manouvering, front brake when you want to stop.

Bikesafe says most of the braking is in the front end (75%F/25%R), and you should not really use the back excessively unless you are trying to control the rear end around slow corners etc, stopped at lights on a hill or in conditions in which you are likely to skid where you should apply 50/50. Both these figures have to take into account engine braking alegedly. Being able to stop is about loading up the front end then braking progressively. Unless you find a patch of diesel that is… gulp.

But what the feck do i know i crashed yesterday under braking…


I’d imagine it has linked brakes.

OK thanks I thought i was doing something wrong

No, not at all. If you are locking up, it sounds as though you are grabbing a handful. Remember, everything has to be progressive, especially braking. Be overly agressive and you’ll overload the front tyre and slide.

Best way to gauge and let it become second nature is to practice. I know it sounds silly, but by pracitcing emergency stops it will become second nature and you wont overload the front in an emergency or every day riding.

Apologies for the sarcasm. Yes the VFR has linked brakes, which distribute the braking force.

The front brake never stops being the main anchor, personally, I try and make a point of using the front and back brakes a when slowing and after a while it becomes a habit.

As other posters have said, grabbing a handful will destabilise the bike. In weather like this morning, where a layer of vaseline seems to have been smeared over the roads, gentle, pre-planned braking is a must.

F*ck I even talk like a VFR rider…

One of those practice becomes habit type things.


Scooters are a bit different - the principles are the same, but the engine is lower down and right in front of the rear wheel so loading up the front doesn’t work quite the same. Even so, front wheel braking is still where most of it goes on, but having ridden a linked brake bike for the last few months the system is amazingly forgiving. One gets into the habit of leading with the left lever that gives full rear and progressive front, and then applying more front with the right lever as required if you need to stop quickly. You can even stick on loads of left lever in bends without the bike sitting up at all and never being in danger of locking up the front. In very wet and slippery conditions it is possible to safely get away with only touching the right lever for the final coming to a halt.

Before getting a linked brake bike I was a bit apprehensive, but I found, on riding it home in a thunderstorm, that it came very naturally.

i always use just the front brake as well, apartfrom if going into a bend to fast then i use the rear as well

I use the front brake almost exclusively…maybe just a tad bit of trail braking sometimes to get my corner entry speed “just right”.

My M109-R walks right through the rear brake anyway…it has no bite at all. The front brakes are the same as those on the GSX-R1000 and they do the business.

My bike at the moment has linked brakes, but in the old days i used apply front then bring in the rear.

With my VFR I use both brakes under most circumstances and it’s wonderfully stable. Grab whatever you like in an emergency and itjust stops no fuss. Braking for corner? bit of both, one or the other… doesn’t matter it’ll work. Need both for proper quick braking though.

Then i got my R6, and found that if i had front brake applied then anything but the lightest of touches on the rear had it fishtailing all over thepalce so have learnt to brake pretty much front only unless doing slow manouvers…