Brake Setups?

We have a post on suspension setups, but does anyone know anyone who can do the same on brakes?

Love my new toy, but I’m still struggling to get on with the brakes, they work, but not in a way i’m used to, I like light braking but this seems to always be “kicking in” so want to see if I can go see a brake guru see what they say.

I would give it a few weeks to see if you get used to them, as long as the bike stops it’ll be fine.
Brakes always feel different between bikes.

Are they linked if they are knowing Suzuki they are abit on the crude side

You get used to them archer a while
Generally if you using the back brake only it won’t activate the front, if you using the front it will use the back brake as well, crude versions just give the back brake a % of pressure based on the front brakes
Smart systems have variable rear brake pressure based on speed angle throttle position etc