Brake Pads on a commuter

Afternoon, I run a fazer 600 as a commuter, just wondering what brake pads you would recommend? Sintered, or non sintered? And what make? Basically I want the pads to last a long time…

most people will say ebc as they have flooded the market,we sell them in our shop so if you do go for ebc go for double HH pads,
i like bendix,or carbon larraine or you could try standard pads they cost alot more but last alot longer and normerly are very good pads.
me i would put ebc at the bottom of my list

Sorry to be dim, but what do you mean standard pads? do you mean Yamaha ones?

yes thats the ones

Armstrong pads, £10-£12 a side, very hard wearing and i use them and they do work in the wet.

I know Essentail Rubber stock them.