Brake pads choices


There are so many brands out the any recommendations for good commuting pads


Brenta standard GG brake pads all round, get them from Wemoto. They’re good stoppers, disc friendly and you’ll get plenty of mileage out of them. Coming up to 20,000 miles on current set!

Just ordered a replacement set for the next service, 3 sets of pads £36.00

Happy Days

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What are they like in the wet and cold ? I currently have ebc pads they have done more than 20k bit when they get hot they aren’t very good


I’ve had no problems all year biking hot, cold, wet and dry. They work perfectly fine with Honda’s ABS and CBS (combined braking) braking systems. The standard GG pads are the choice of the couriers, Essential Rubber put me on to them haven’t used sintered HH pads since.