Brake pad question....

Hi All,

I have 2 sets of front brake pads for my Triumph Daytona (which has Nissin 4 pot calipers and twin front discs) - one set is EBC normal pads, and the other set is EBC HH double sintered -

My question is can I mix these when I soon replace my current pads - and if so what is the best way. The options I have are:

  1. Have the regular pads on one side, and sintered pads on the other.

  2. Have mixed pairs on either side - say on the left hand side one pad is reg, the other is sintered - and same on the other side.*

Any thoughts on this?

cheers everyone

  • With the idea to swap the pads around every so often in case there are unbalanced stresses

Hi J-man,

I would have thought this was a bad idea, imagine one type/side brakes harder/better than the other . . at best it will reduce your performance. Also, arent sintered pads known to be best in the wet ? Given the weather right now I’d put sintered in both sides

The two pads you have there are designed for different uses. You will be always with half of your bracking power and one will wear earlier than the other living you with even less braking power. You would fail an MOT as well! If you tell the MOT guy obvioulsly…