Brake hose supplier.

Is there an outfit out there that a person could go to to make up a brake hose quickly. Ideally black hose with black fittings. EBC and Goodrich have two week delivery time at the moment and a friend cannot wait that long.

What about HEL?

Why not order one from wemoto or amazon? The delivery should be significantly quicker.

He may get in touch with HEL on Monday. Hadn’t thought of Wemoto or Amazon. Will mention it too him. However, I feel he may just want to take the original somewhere and get it copied. He is off on a trip later this month and has been let down by a supplier. If the replacement hose doesn’t sort the braking out. Then it is probably going to be master cylinder issues. He has to go through a process of elimination and the clock is ticking.

I used Wezmoto recently and they were really quick…two days iirc.

We are dealers for Hel can do lines in the following colours:


And Banjos in these colours


Let me know if can help :blush: