Brake fluid to soften rubber?

One of the air hoses on the SRX is really stiff and I need to make it pliable to get the carbs out without cracking the hose. I’ve seen people mention using brake fluid to reintroduce the plasticity into the rubber lose over time. Anyone got any experience in this? Spares are impossible to find so cutting isn’t an option…

Red rubber grease but it needs to be used over time.

What about some of the silicone spray or rubber care polish, as you’d find in your favourite rubber fetish store?

soak a rag or flannel in boiling water and wring out as much as possible and wrap around

The old school method was to soak the hose in hot water for a while, this allows it to become more flexible until it cools again.

Had the same problem getting the carb in/out of a dirt bike. Job made so much easier with a hairdrier.

Rubber is vulcanised
that means very hot water (Steam) & pressure , you shouldnt use brake fuild on rubber
soak it in hot soapy water

Hot water, or you can even use a hair dryer.

Thanks chaps, the heat gun did the trick. Got the carbs out so now I can take the tubes out and treat them with some other chemical to soften them and put the elasticity back in.