Brake calipers.....

I am looking to upgrade the brakes on my TL, I know that the 6 pot Tokico calipers from the TLR will go straight on, my question is are all Tokico 6 pots the same mounting fit?

They are common for some Kawas as well mate.

Have you checked TLZone?:wink:

That’s what I thought, they’re fitter on zx7r’s i believe and srad 750s. i believe. I look on TLZone though thanks bud…:smiley:

I’m sure I’ve seen a list of compatible bits

You can also try

Yeah same as the G and J model ZX6R as well. If you dont mind spending a bit more, harrison billet do some rather tasty aftermarkets for about 440 odd a pair…can also get pattern parts for about 300 a pair…