Brackley Bike Festival

Anyone going to this event ? usually a good day out

Yeah…and? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Yes usually a good event :slight_smile:

See you there then our turn get coffee in


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Their server is back now…

And weather looks OK for Sunday.

Me a MetalRed could be on for a Sunday bimble to Brackley.

U going ?

Mark usually goes , but who knows now he,s become the candy crush kid :D:D

I;m hoping to go, the noise of all the old bikes racing up and down the high street has to be heard to be believed .

Well now you’ve offered we might all go:w00t:

Yes, its a really good day. Bring ear plugs though :smiley:

Where and what time :slight_smile:

Meet at ACE leave by 9am.
Second meeting point at Aylesbury for the Watford boys 10am. Esso petrol garage as shown on map.

Bring a puk. :smiley:

I have a girlie visitor on Sat, but if she goes early enough on Sunday ill pop along :slight_smile:

just stick a pin in and she will deflate…piece of p!ss :D:D:D

will be at the cafe around 9am fill me fat face then hopefully go to Jacks hill cafe as a few riding out from there

If it’s that hot chick that keeps tagging you on FB - send her to me and I’ll keep her occupied for you :smiley:

A change is as good as a rest :smiley:

I’ll be ready at the ace for 9am.

Well be there, two coffees please Steve, one with two sugars, Mrs Js sweet enough.:slight_smile: