Boxing Day Today?

Morning All,

Anyone riding out to Box Hill today?

I’m meeting a couple of mates at Addington Village at 11am then riding over there, so if you’re around, come say hi :smiley:

We’ll be a group of three on a blue Harley Sportster (Barney), a red n’ black CBR600 (Dal) and a red n’ black Honda CBF125 (Me :D).

Have a good day, whatever you do :smiley:

Me… heading down there in a bit :smiley:

Say hello if you see us - it’d be nice to meet a LondonBiker other than Choprocker :smiley:

Will probably head down for a coffee if my bike starts. What sort of time will you be there?

Battery is now all charged so hoping it starts today. :slight_smile:

Did look out for you guys but didnt see ya, quite a few bikes there today as well :smiley:

Yeah - was quite busy :smiley:

Caught up with Little Bandit :smiley:

Managed to put 93 miles on the clock today :smiley:

Good to met you Stevie and your friends, it was busy down there today.

Did look for you Trisckie but think you must have gone before I arrived. :slight_smile:

You too - we’ll have to work on Barney about getting you a go on his Harley :smiley:

Always harder to find people at Box as often they wander away from the bikes :stuck_out_tongue: