Boxhill/Ace on Sunday 27th

Anyone wants to go for a ride to Boxhill and then back to the Ace tomorrow?

Meet at the ace @ 10am departure @ around 10:30!

if it does not rain, I am in.


Same here! although should be good weather tomorrow :smiley:

If ya stay of the F****n pop ya might turn up :cool:

haha maybe… just maybe :smooooth:

I think I might be up for a ride, if its dry. I’ll be on my black 600RR, shoei black & white helmet and blue gloves and boots!! Chris!!

The forecast is looking good guys!!!

I may be up for this ride aswell… Not sure about it yet as I have to do some work in the morning and have a meeting at 1.30 pm… Would be good to ride in the meantime :wink:

I’d be up for it as well assuming i wake up in time…

You guys meeting where terry usually stages his rides from (opporsite the ace car park exit) or inside?

Ile be on a black hornet with crappy plastic headlights…

I will be at Boxhill on the bandit, likely in me grey and white camouflage gear…should be there around 11.30. say hello may then follow you back to the ace and take a ride home from there…if its really good might bring out the GT750 as I dont think there is much salt about on the roads at the moment.

weathers looking good! so I guess were on! - Black Bandit - Black, Arlen Ness Jacket :cool:

SOBER today then ? :slight_smile:

indeed! bikes had a quick polish! visors clean! leathers are being put on as we speak! see you soon :smiley:

I’ll be down there for 10:30, Short guy, Black Hornet, Black Jacket :wink:

hey guys it was good ot meet you and fun riding with you… we should have organised a better route I guess but I had fun, hope you all did…

em…I reckon you should do the bike safe course its run by the police and teaches excellent road craft and bike handling…it will build up your confidence…your riding is fine you just have to watch those brakes…and lean lean lean…just got in at 15.22…

I really enjoy it.

Thanks for everything.



yes Em and this year lets see that bike out a lot more so that you can build up your confidence…by the way no way I can call you Ema…reminds me of an ex girlfriend so its going to have to Em from me…hope thats okay…

I haven’t use my bike because of my previous job (I didn’t have time). 2 weeks ago I got a new job, so finally I got more time for me. My family call me Ema (Emanuele in Italian), however I don’t mind be called EM


thats great becasue you need in the saddle time now…more miles the better…look forward to the next ride out…

nice to meet you all too, Shame you didnt stick around for the ride home chris(woowoo) we managed to find ourselves some lovely bends thanks to twostroke. but a little more organisation on a route would definatly be better next time.

Anyway see you all around soon. And happy riding to the guy on the GSXR (Sorry I forget your name) take it steady and enjoy that lovely new shiny bike. :slight_smile: